Monday, July 21, 2008

Art Camp

Artist's don't smile.(or at least this is what Kailyn thinks) This is ONE of the many things that Kailyn learned at Art Camp last week. She attended the Portland Museum of Art's Art Camp and had a blast. She kept saying she wished it was for 3 weeks instead of one and was absolutely exhausted at the days end. They studied Georgia O'Keeffe and then had an exhibition of their own artwork on the last day of camp. We are in the process of framing one of her masterpieces to hang in the playroom. It is her impression of a shell painted on canvas. Here are a few examples of her work. My favorite was the book photo book.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"You Naughty Diti"

This is what Kyleigh said to me in the car at the beginning of our day. She calls me Aunt Diti or Diti for short. Then her, Samuel and I got into a discussion about who was a good girl and who was a good boy. Kyleigh called Sam a good girl and he corrected her and said he was a good boy. Then she said Graham Bam was a good boy, Kailyn was a good girl and she was a good girl. Letting me know that she had everyones gender right. After we talked about who was a "good" girl or boy Sam proclaimed "I naughty some". LOL
Later on I was putting Kyleigh down for a nap and was cuddling her. She yelled at me; "No diti, no hit. Diti no hitting" (this is what we have to say to her several times a day sometimes.)
At the end of the day Kyleigh was on her way out the door with my sister and she says to me "Be nice Diti".
I think Kyleigh had behavior on her mind today. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our little fish

Big day for Kailyn. She is now swimming without the help of a flotation device! She is one proud little girl! It happened quite unexpectedly. She was playing in the pool with her friend Isabelle, got out to go to the bathroom and took her bubble off. When she went to get back in she jumped in without the bubble and started to swim. Easy Peazy! This is quite a feat after our little passing out in the pool incident at Isabelle's pool last year. She tried to dive under the water in their pool, swallowed water and passed out. (Kailyn has a history of passing out easily) Ever since then she has been leery of swimming under water. Not anymore. Congratulations my little fish! :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who fixes things around here anyway?

The garage door broke earlier today. Specifically the door opener on Seth's side of the garage. I have no idea what happened. I punched in the security code and it went up normally, but then it would not go back down. Sam and I talked about how it was broken on the way into the house.

Me: "the garage door is broken and Daddy will have to fix it"
Sam: "No, Daddy no fik (fix) it"
Me: "Yes, when he gets home from work he will do it."
Sam: Looking at me very seriously, "No Grandpa fik it with tools Daddy no got tools"

He is right, we always go and "steal" (they are always returned lol) Grandpa's tools because what little tools Seth does have we can never find. We blame it on not having the chance to organize such things since moving yet. (wonder how long we can use that excuse for) ;)
This time, however, I knew that Daddy was fully capable of fixing the door without tools. Can't wait to show Sam that Daddy did "fik" it tomorrow ;)

We went to China

China Lake aka "camp" last week. Seth had the entire week off and half of it was spent there over the fourth. Kailyn got to see the fireworks for the first time (that she can remember) while Sam slept peacefully back at camp in the bunk house. It is still too late and too loud for Sam to handle. Kailyn asked a TON of questions about how pyrotechnics work, most of the questions I had no answers for and guessed.
The highlight of Camp is water fun. Whether it be fishing, boating or swimming, the kids do not stop. They are becoming more comfortable in the water every day. Kailyn took one bubble off and is now down to two.(started out with four) Sam was swimming in the lake on his own for the first time. They also both learned how to drive the boat. I sat there with my mouth open watching them steer in the right direction, backing up to make it into the camp dock and generally driving the boat with confidence(with Grandpa sitting in back of them or course)