Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love Bites

That is what Katie calls them at least. Whenever Graham gets really excited he bites you. You need to be on guard if you are singing, dancing, chasing, snuggling or anywhere close to Grahams teeth because it can happen at any moment. Seth asked me last night, "What is under your arm? A birthmark?" I looked all confused and could not really see what he was talking about. I have been with Seth for 11 1/2 years and he never noticed this before?? Then it dawned on me and I replied "No, that is my latest love bite from Graham". I showed him and Kailyn my other bite mark too and Seth and Kailyn laughed that a 9 month old did that to me. I told Katie, "If Graham went to the twins day care he would have been suspended by now" My cousin has twins and when they were babies they were kicked out of daycare for biting. We all laughed about it at the time and it still comes up in our family when one of the kids is in a biting phase. As Katie was leaving she said to Graham in a loving and silly voice "No, you won't get kicked out of Aunt Didi day care".

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We went to the Endocrinologist

on Tuesday. I am going to try to be quick before someone needs something. Graham Bam is giving up napping for me the last few days so I don't get much time.(10 minute naps) Anyway, it went well. Kailyn is doing as well as can be expected and we are doing a good job controlling her levels. Her A1c was an 8.1 and they want it to be 7 or below. This is the average over a few months period of her blood glucose. The higher the level the higher the risk for complications in a specific amount of time. Her level was 11 when she was admitted to the hospital. They adjusted her meds, but now her levels are through the roof
(489) right now. (the nurse just called) So, I put a call back into the Doctor.

The Doctor and Seth both called the principal to see if he knew what was going on in his school regarding the 504. Apparently, he did not and did not sound happy Seth said, but this does not mean he will do the right thing either. I Highly doubt that the school dept wants the civil rights division investigating them as the new Asst.Dir told us to do. There is a process you are supposed to follow before it even gets to that and she apparently is unaware?? So, we are waiting to here back from him to see where we go next. We are going to get legal advice from the ADA and Pine tree legal and they can even provide representation for us if need be. I will pick Kailyn up every day from school from now on.

We are taking a "break" from Sam's school for the time being. We have 2 weeks to make a final decision and then we can meet with them.(I spoke with the Director yesterday) It's hard to make a decision with everything else going on. He asked to go to school today.

Just heard from the doctor (mid posting) and now I have to call the school nurse back and adjust her levels again.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Now for a positive post! WE did awesome. It was a 5K walk and we did it in an hour on a beautiful Sunday Morning. We could not have asked for nicer weather. I wish we could have brought the kids, but Sam could not have done it with his bladder issues and I wanted to make sure Kailyn had one more day to recover so she could go to school today. Senator Susan Collins was there to speak and cut the red starting ribbon. After the walk we were treated to a picnic lunch of Hamburgers and Hotdogs. One of my walkers did not understand why there were signs for carbs and not prices ;) She eventually got it.
Our total raised for Team Kailyn was $1355.00. That is more than I could have dreamed of. I had no expectations when I started this and am absolutely thrilled with that amount. Thank you for all the Team Walkers that walked with us. Mom, Katie, Stephanie T, Stephanie R, Yvette, Trueman and Lori. Thanks to the walkers who raised money, but could not make it to the walk Jayme and Staci.
Also Thank you to all that donated to the walk, it means so much to Kailyn and our whole family.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is the Pump we want to get Kailyn

Pump. It is a Minimed Paradigm Real Time insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system. This would make our lives SO much easier and make things safer for Kailyn. She has been waking up low every other day and this system would alarm us during the night if she is low so that we could correct it. The lowest she has woken up was in the 40's, but typically it is 50's-60's.(We should be at least 80)It would tell us automatically when she is low througout the day and all we would have to do is put her carb amounts in and it would inject insulin into her. No needles. She would have to do one finger prick a day (opposed to the 10-12 we are doing now) to get a baseline to make sure that they are both getting similar levels.

The only hitch is that it is brand new as of last year and a lot of insurance companies are not covering it. Our Endocrinologist handed me the packet at our last visit (even though we were not there to see him, we passed him in the hall and I mentioned something about a pump) and I just had a chance to go through it. He said that some insurance companies are fighting it especially if you are able to control your levels. Well, Kailyn is not controlled, so we fit that bill, but sometimes they don't cover the continuous monitoring because the technology is new and not enough studies have come out proving that having it controls levels better. It costs $1,000 more on top of the insulin pump (which costs $7,000) and then $350 a month after the first three months for the continuous glucose monitioring.

I am so hopeful that our insurance company will cover it. I can't see how they could deny it (well I can because they do stuff like that all the time) because it sounds like it is so much safer and studies have recently found that people are better able to control their levels with one.(which will reduce complications later on) Here is the latest study that just came out.(one of the first) STUDY It found that having one is beneficial and improves diabetics ability to control glucose levels in the age groups of 25 and over and only slight changes in the 8-15 year old group. The study did not take into effect severe to moderate hypoglycemic events, however, which we have almost every day. Only 10% of the people being studied had this problem. This should help in the fight with insurance companies a little bit. I have not found any information on the net about our particular plan, but will keep looking. I will also update you all about our appointment with the Endo on Tuesday. It should be interesting.

Tomorrow is the big day!! The walk for a cure!!

I am nervous and excited all in one. I have never done a walk let alone organized a team to walk. We have 8 members. One is not going since she just had a baby and had him way later than she expected ;) Kailyn was going to go, but she has been sick with a cold and her sugar numbers are all over the place. (40-400's). She has never been in the 400's with us :( I use to walk Back Bay all the time with Kailyn when she was a baby and I know how windy it can get (cold). If she makes a huge turn around by tomorrow and it is as warm as they predict she will go. (we will bring a stroller) Otherwise, Daddy may drive around and play the game, try to find Mommy, Nanie, Aunt Katie and friends. (The walk takes around an hour).

I told Kailyn about the walk and how many people cared about her and contributed to help find a cure for diabetes. She was so excited. She is 6 and totally understood. She made me read the list of everyone that has contributed and I had to explain who everyone was. I also let her know of people that were not on the list that contributed via other team members.

Thank you to all that have contributed, it means so much to our family and especially Kailyn. The smile on her face was priceless. I will let you all know the total Team Kailyn raised tomorrow after we walk.

If you have not contributed and still want to there is still time. Just click the link to the right above with a sneaker. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kyleigh the kook

We got some of the kids winter supplies in the mail yesterday from LL Bean. You have to get your size early, at this time of year or they end up on back order and you are out of luck. I got Kailyn a size 1 and Sam a size 12. They wear 12.5-13 and 10 in sneakers/shoes. Kyleigh keeps changing in and out of both pairs saying she is ready to play in the snow. They are huge on her but she keeps romping along. Kailyns are pink and Sam's are black. I decided I needed to take some pictures because she was cracking me up. When I did that I put my computer on the floor (not thinking) and Graham got it in two seconds flat. I watched while he plucked three keys off the keyboard quickly and he said no no (na na), while he looked at me, I looked at him and before I got to him. It was deja vu because Sam did the same thing at that age except I could not get the keys back on. Similar to Kailyn because she could say no at that age and similar to Kyleigh because he did it as fast as he could before I got to him because he knew he was busted.

Don't let the smile fool you, she is miserable.

After I got Sam from school. He had a blast again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its not diabetes

At least Sam does not have it. Thank goodness. I was quite scared. She thinks (the doctor) it is frequent urination syndrome (psychological, which is a total possibility) and if it is not it is something to do with the bladder that can be fixed. But not diabetes, no keytones, no sugar, no blood in the urine, no bacteria, although they are sending it off for testing to make sure it is not an infection. He does have one huge yeast infection and I think it all started with the pampers I bought instead of huggies for night time, but I can deal with that. He just wet his pants at home and that is not like him. My gut tells me it is something with his bladder too. He has always had to go way more than the average and can't hold it at all, but we will see.

Kailyn is home today because she is getting a cold (the one I had). We have started her steriod for asthma and will do the albuterol at night. She had a low grade fever this am. Her little body has just been through so much lately so we are not going to send her to school tomorrow either probably.(at least it looks like that as of 1:36pm today) I don't want her to spread it, but mainly I don't want her to catch something on top of it. I already got her work from the school.

The babies (Kyleigh and Graham) are upstairs sleeping right now and Kailyn is sitting next to me relaxing, Sam is in the playroom. I think Nanie must have worn them out because they went down really quickly.

Our next challenge is Kailyn's school plan, but I am going to try and take a break from worrying about it today. Just try to enjoy the kids and surf the net while the babies are asleep.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ballet and Jazz

went much better tonight. Kailyn came out of ballet quite a bit so I finally told her unless she was dizzy/did not feel right, going to throw up or had to go to the bathroom to not come out. Her levels were high so I was just going to let her burn it off. I guess her Ballet class does not have any of her friends in it so she is a little more nervous being in there. Jazz on the other hand has a TON of her friends in it and I did not see her once. There is also another little girl in her class with the same name and the same spelling. We have never met another Kailyn before. She came out all proud because she did her first cartwheel!!! Yay Kailyn! :)

Teaching the class

Kailyn got to teach her class about her Diabetes yesterday. She did a demonstration of her lancing, glucose testing and her insulin shots. She was giggling while she told me how it went down. She told me the kids had a lot of good question like. "Have you had this your whole life?", "Does it hurt?" and "Where did you go to the hospital?", "Do you have to do this at home?" She said that one little girl said it was gross ( Kailyn was giggling when she said it) ,but the nurse told her it was not. She also explained how one little boy did not pay attention, but he never does so it did not surprise her.LOL I wish I could write how she told the story of her day. It was so funny and the look on her face was priceless. Seth and I want the kids in the class to know all about Diabetes because Kailyn has to do a lot of testing during class and eating when the others kids don't. They are big on confidentiallity now (everywhere), but Kailyn needs to know that there is nothing to be ashamed about and by educating the class she is letting them know why she is being treated differently, but that it is not a big deal. Of course, it is a big deal to us (the adults), but at some point we will be able to accept that diabetes is a part of what makes up Kailyn and always will be.

The psychological effects

are starting to show a little in both of them. Kailyn is now off of antibiotics and seems so much better now physically, but Monday morning was Horrendous. Kailyn was crying and screaming about nothing in particular (not like her) and Samuel was stating that he did not want to go to the old school (dev preschool). Both did it all the way to school. Kailyn pulled it together, but Sam never did (I had to pull over on the side of the road for 10 minutes) and I had to leave him crying (I hate this). Kailyn also has pain at school and not at home. She said, "huh, I wonder why I have pain at school and not here?"LOL I told her to not get an ice pack unless it really really hurt so she ended up having a headache instead of a hurting foot yesterday. I can't blame her. It must be hard having a disease and not be able to show any physical symptoms like other diseases do.(The only physical symptom she is showing is the ends of her fingers are getting tuff from all the lancing :( )

Yesterday and today went better, but it is going to take a while for us to get use to the diabetes, school, activities routine. For example, if she is low (60's)in the morning we have to give her a fast acting carb (oj) and wait 15 minutes to see if it works and if it does not work (like yesterday) we have to do it again and wait another 15. Once it works we still have to give insulin and then she can eat breakfast. This can set back our morning routine around 40 minutes. Or if she is really high (say 370) we give her insulin and then she has to wait 25 minutes to eat. Same thing happens at activities etc.. Then last night after we got everything done and her in the bed at 8 (we shoot for 7:30) she comes out of her room and says she is dizzy. She ended up being really low and in the 40's. So, then she ends up not going to bed until 9:30. Way past her bedtime on a school night and we have to wake her up earlier now to make sure we make it to school on time. We never know what those blood sugar levels will be.

In regards to Sam I think he can't handle all the changes at the dev preschool. Today he said he did not want to go, but when Jenn (his teacher who has been there since he started) came out to bring him into the school. He got a big smile. The turnover there is horrible because they pay so little and most of the kids that were there last year went on. Seth and I are trying to decide if we should pull him and just do Speech or continue. I think we are going to give it a couple more weeks.(or shorter if he pulls what he did on Monday consistently) Oh, and he says how much he loves his new school all the time and when we are in the car on the way to the old school insists that he is going to the new school that day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Team Kailyn's walk for a cure is one week from today!!

If you have not already donated and would like to do so you can click on the link to the right that says walk for a cure and it will bring you to my page. I am already in awe at the generosity of everyone. It means so much that so many care about Kailyn and finding a cure for her (and everyone else that suffers from this annoying disease). It has been 6 weeks and we are starting to finally adapt (I think). Numbers wise she is all over the place still. 50's to almost 300's today. We don't freak at the numbers. They are what they are and we treat accordingly. If she had Keytones then we would be worried. We are getting use to that this is the way it is going to be (unpredictable) and may be for years no matter how hard we try. We just need to keep plugging away.
Last week was really hard. Kailyn has not felt good (lots of pain) and some of it is stomach pain. It freaks me out because then I wonder what else she may have?? I did not feel well on top of it.
Hopefully this week will be much better. Today was the first day Kailyn did not complain of pain all day. She is done with the antibiotics so hopefully that will help. She was also VERY full of energy.
We did nothing all weekend. The only thing we did was go and get Grammie and Grandpa's car at the airport. Kailyn did her homework and I sorted through winter clothes and washed them (actually still doing this) because it is starting to get colder here. Sam made his mazes and played elaborate make believe things with Kailyn. I had Seth do most of the Diabetes care because he does not do very much during the week (is not here) and I want to keep him on top of this game.
I did not get everything done I wanted to this weekend, but I feel ready to take on the week and whatever God chooses to give us for challenges. (Just pray that there are not as many challenges as last week) lol

Friday, September 12, 2008

I need to write about Sam

He is still doing wonderful at his new preschool. NO anxiety issues at all. Wooo hooo!!
Here is a conversation I had with him tonight when I was carrying him to bed.
Me: "You are getting to big you need to stop growing" (I say this often) Him: "OK Mom I top (Stop)" UNTIL Kailyn pipes in and says that she will be taller than me and will be a teenager (she reminds me of this often)and then Sam says he wants to get big by going "up up up up up up up" and has me stand next to his bed so he can show me how much taller he will be than me. :)

We are staying put

Kailyn is not doing anything this weekend. No soccer etc.. She needs to rest as do her weary parents. On top of that we were going to go see Adam, but because I am not sure about Kailyn's health status we will stay away.(just in case she is viral) I am sure they are tired anyway.
We will work on Kailyn's homework and work she missed from the day she was out and the hour she was late. She loves doing school work so this is fun for her. :) She was so excited that it was 6 pages. I hope that we will continue on this low/no pain symptoms pattern.
In the meantime, I will sleep, read the net and clean/organize a little. I found a blog that I love to read. Its nice to know there is someone out there that can relate. Its a very funny father that writes about his 6 year old little boy who has Type 1 diabetes. Charlie has had Diabetes since he was 22 months old. I am also learning a lot from reading the blog entries because they are leap years ahead of us. I have had many offers of people willing to share/help that have been there and done that, but it is hard for me to do. I get into information overload and can't think straight. I have to learn about these things on my own time when it is quiet. (Although I do appreciate the offers) Oh, and by reading this blog I found out I still have a lot to learn about Type 1 diabetes. There is soooo much to this disease.

Alright, I can safely say we have

made it through the day without pain. At least at home. She claims that she had pain at school, but only in her foot. I will take it. Yesterday was the worst I have ever seen her. She was in the hospital for 2 days and never acted that way. She was doubled over from pain in the stomach and spitting because she felt like she was going to throw up. If she could not walk around or fall asleep we were going to the ER. She did not meet my ER criteria (thankfully), but it was not fun trying to console her for 4 hours through pain. Oh, and Sam wanted everything that she wanted on top of it. She fell asleep, slept through the night (except for me poking her for BG levels and woke up with low sugars and continued with mostly low sugar until her bedtime snack tonight.
We went to the doctor this morning.(I called 15 minutes before 5pm to make the appointment the night before) and of course she was her happy old self jumping around with smiles and feeling great. We decided not to do the labs until she is done her antibiotics to see if the Lyme's/antibiotics are causing the pain all over the place and will do a test for giardia (sp?) and something else I am not sure of in the meantime.(I don't think she has either)
I had to pick her up at school for the first time today because of low blood sugars. (If she is at a certain level she is not allowed on the bus) She was waiting in a chair next to the nurses office. She had a plastic bag full of water and one of those little sponges that only expands in warm water waiting patiently for her animal to reveal itself. She got a cow/bull/moose. She calls it little cow and has been bringing it around the house and had it take a bath with her. (It looks like a bull to me and Sam keeps calling it a moose). Kailyn told me she wants low blood sugars all the time now so she can get a collection of these little sponges. I told her I don't think so!! Although, I thought this was a great little trick for Mrs. Greaterex to use for kids who have to wait. It took me 15 minutes total to call Grammie and for her to get over here and then me get to the school. Kailyn asked what took me so long and we left right when her bus left. LOL

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kailyn had her First Ballet and Jazz classes

at the new center. We have gone to two others. Her last one was great, but it was in Westbrook. Kailyn loved both classes even though it did not look like it. She knew a bunch of the girls and a few are in her class at school. Grammie took her last night and then I met her a little later because things are hectic at that time of day, but I may be able to do it once our routine gets going. No pictures. You are not allowed in the room. (Although I went in several times) I think they have peek weeks. Kailyn came out during Ballet and said she was dizzy. Her levels were low (70) so she was good at recognizing the signs. I gave her juice and she went off again. Did fine for most of Jazz class and then fell and bumped her head, came out crying and wanted to go home. She said she was tired. I know she was because it was close to 7pm and she has not been getting enough sleep lately. Her sugar levels were fine. She also came out a few times complaining about pain in legs and feet. I wish that would just go away.I told her if she felt pain to just sit down and watch. Not sure if she did because I was not in there. I brought her back in after the falling incident and we watched the last 5 minutes together.

Her teacher for Jazz is super nice. We actually went to tumbling together when Kailyn and her little girl were babies. She came over and told Kailyn how well she was doing and just in general gave her a great pep talk. I could tell that she understood that Kailyn has been through a lot in the last 5 weeks and was doing her best to just be a normal little girl even though she has the diabetes and the pain.

Kailyn was impressed with the fact that she could do a headstand, but sad that she could not do a cartwheel. She felt better when I told her that I had to practice for WEEKS in Nanie's living room to do a cartwheel. (I did not tell her that I don't think I ever actually did one at that age) I was able to do a round up at some point, but never a cartwheel. I am not sure I have ever done a head stand so she is one up on me there already.;) When we were walking down the stairs leaving I asked her if she had fun and she enthusiastically said yes and then I asked if she wanted to go back she said yes again. So, even though things were not smooth sailing she loved it.

Today she is exhausted (all the kids actually are), but she has not complained about pain. I am very hopeful that this means it is going away. I told the nurse to let me know, but I guess she only had pain in her foot at school yesterday so it seems to be getting better. Lets cross our fingers. I am also hoping that she will start to settle down and will go to sleep at her normal 7:30-8:00 soon. Even though we put her to bed she can't settle down until 9 or 10 and this is not helping things.

I just got an e-mail and a 504 meeting is scheduled now. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So a recap of the day.

It was way too busy, however;

We have a new nephew/cousin. Adam Robert is his name and he weighed 9.1 ounces and was 22 inches long. When I finally got to talk to Jayme tonight she said he had been eating most of the day. She sounded like she was in good spirits. The kids are dying to meet their new cousin. They will have to wait until the weekend though. If I brought the babies to the Hospital I would not get to hold him and taking the kids after school would be a nightmare.

Kailyn stayed home from school and we took her to the doctor for body pain. All over usually in legs. She passed all the external exams. She can use all her limbs and nothing stuck out as out of the ordinary for the doctor. He thinks it could be the lymes disease or something else maybe viral. I was not going to wait as long to go to the doctor as I did the first time. If Kailyn is complaining about pain she REALLY does have pain. If it does not go away by Thursday he wants to do a bunch of lab work. Lets hope the pain stops and we have a much better morning tomorrow. In the meantime we can give her 2.5 teaspoons of motrin every 6-8 hours.

We are in the process of getting the 504 for Kailyn set up for later in the month. So that is moving along.

We went to Kailyn's Open House tonight. She felt well and was very enthusiastic about showing us EVERYTHING in her classroom. She also insisted on pictures because I had my camera. One of the pictures is at the top. Same outfit as the first day of school.

Good things that happened today: Sam did awesome at preschool and soccer (I am just so excited about this), my liver levels are back to very normal and we have a new member of the family.

Thank you Grammie and Nanie for helping out with the kids. I could not do it all without both of you!!

Soccer Fun for Sam!

Sam started playing soccer for the fall today. He was dying to do this because he wants to do what Kailyn does. They ask for a lot of parent participation, but I let Seth take care of that and I took pictures.;) He LOVED it. I am so glad we signed him up.

Sam's First Day of Preschool

He has gone to developmental preschool and still does, but this is a regular preschool 2 times a week for 2 hours a day. Next year he won't qualify for the developmental preschool and will go to this same school 3 days a week for 2.5 hours a day. As I have mentioned previously his progress has been unbelievable. When I signed him up we discussed that I could be his aide at first. No need for that now. We had a different shirt on, but he got a ton of maple syrup on it so he could not wear it. He tried really hard to get the syrup out because he wanted to wear the shirt that Nanie got him, but I finally convinced him that this was a cool shirt too. He has been really clingy and I thought I would have to pry him off of me when we got there today. I have really had anxiety about this. He clung to me the whole time on visiting day. He was not even going to say goodbye to me today.LOL

I had to convince him that the lunch box would be in the picture even if he did not hold it up to his face.

He went right for the cars and trucks and was playing with one of the teachers and another little boy when I left.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two more weeks until the walk for a cure!!!

Its two weeks from today. There is still plenty of time to contribute. Click here if you want to do so Team Kailyn
If you don't feel comfortable donating online you can send me a check and address it to JDRF or Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

My Address is:
You have to click on the little envelope and send me an e-mail. Aunt Alice is flipping out because my address was on here. LOL

You can also just show support by walking with us. There is still time to become a team member. Team Kailyn currently has 8 members and plenty of room for more. You don't even have to beg for money like I am. ;) Just come and walk and show your support for Kailyn. I usually don't like these things myself, but I feel like I can't do anything but treat Kailyn's symptoms. I feel the need to do something that can fix her. Hopefully the money we raise will do just that. Fix it so that we no longer have to prick and prod her all day and worry about if she is ok when she is not in our care.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all that have already contributed!! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer Fun!

Nothing has really slowed Kailyn down a bit. She started 1st grade soccer today and got to see a lot of her friends. One good friend is on her team (Mckenzie) and they played against another good friend (Brittney).(This made Kailyn really excited) Then she got to see Isabelle who is a BFF since they were tiny babies (they have known each other their whole lives) I think Kailyn enjoys the social aspects of these sports more than the games themselves, but it does not matter as long as she is having fun. She is on the green team this year and her coach is actually the head coach of the boys soccer team at the high school. Therefore there are a lot of high school kids there helping out. I tried to watch Kailyn as much as possible, but it is hard to do so when chit chatting away with my good friend Celeste.LOL Her sugars were actually really high so it was good that she was out there sweating them off. We changed the morning insulin protocol and Daddy forgot so she did not get enough insulin, which makes her blood sugars go through the roof!.

Here are a few pics:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The morning line up

This is what our breakfast looks like right now. We try to get Kailyn to eat around 8 so that she is on the 10, 12 and 2 schedule at school like all the other kids. (She can only have insulin every 2 hours +) Kyleigh and Graham get here at 7:45 and Kyleigh apparently eats a second breakfast, sometimes a third if Sam and Kailyn's breakfast are scattered. (I always tease Katie and ask her if she feeds her children.) LOL At first we had Graham around the corner, but we figured out that he LOVES sitting next to Kailyn.

A little nervous about Kailyn today because we upped her insulin and she has a sub, but Mrs. Kenny said that the sub was good. I already got a call that Kailyn was hungry at 9:10, but I told the nurse to tell her to drink water because her levels were good (110) she can't eat until two hours after insulin is given if her levels are OK. Their snack time was at 10:00am so I think it turned out fine. I told her to tell the sub if she felt funny etc.. This may have made her a little nervous too. Hopefully her levels won't be as wacky as yesterday since we made some adjustments. The nurse assured me that she would get her pm snack today too.Somehow there was a mix up and she was not going to get it.(Mrs.Kenny must have alerted her of this) I happened to be picking her up yesterday for her appointment so she did get the snack. She needs it to keep her levels up for the bus ride home.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sam's birthday.

He had a great day.
Was line leader at school.
Had cupcakes at school and they sang Happy Birthday to him.
Nanie brought a bunch of Mylar ballons to decorate the house.
We had a small family party, but he still ended up getting a ton of presents.
I made his favorite meal (Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread) He ate so much that he could not eat his cake until 7:30pm
He loved everything he got.
Here are a few pics.

He insisted on sleeping with his new balls and his dog. He requested these for his birthday last night so I went out and bought them today. LOL

Went to the Diabetes Counselor today

To see if Kailyn and the family are dealing with the diagnosis OK. I did not think we needed to go, but Doctor Jerry is all into counseling and would be all over us if we did not go. She asked a ton of personal questions. Seth was worried about what they were going to ask.(He knows too much about social workers) I told him I would be sure to tell them that he drank a twelve pack a day and only smoked wacky tobaccy a few times a week.LOL (I am just joking for people who don't know what LOL means) She basically decided that Kailyn is doing great and that the family is doing as well as it can based on getting a new diagnosis. We have not noticed a change in behavior. She actually acts better now. We are not complete wrecks, but are tired and want things to calm down a little. I enjoy my boring life. (If that makes any sense) Her sugar levels were all over the map today. 59-360. I can't stand that. I had the nurse analyze her data while we were there and she said that overall she was doing well and things like this will happen.(So just deal and get use to it) It was not the answer I was looking for. I want them to tell me to do this or that and then her levels will be OK. That is the most frustrating thing about this disease, you can do everything perfectly and still have everything go wrong.
Even though her levels were off she had a great day and that is the MOST important thing. That Kailyn do her normal activities and feel like a normal first grade child.

She says she has a new best friend at school named Hailey and wants a sleep over.(not going to happen she is too little) Maybe Hailey can come over if I meet her parents at some point. Apparently her, Hailey, Britney and Mckenzie and maybe another girl are all Cheetah girls at recess now. Kailyn got some leopard print PJ's from her Grammie today and said she wanted more clothes like that. Oh boy, here comes a new obsession!! LOL


It is 12:08 and officially your birthday. I just finally got into bed to winde down. Last year Sam had no clue what a birthday was. He had fun, but did not realize what was going on. This year he has requested a BLUE birthday cake repeatedly. This requires blue dye. We usually don't let him have this but there is no way this mother is NOT giving her son something that he wants for his birthday after we thought he may never be able to tell us this stuff. We will suffer the consequences. He also is asking for car cars for presents.
So here it is. I am not a baker.(My cakes are not pretty, but I think they taste ok) He is having cupcakes at school and the cake at home. He knows his name and the number 4 so I thought that would mean the most to him when he looked at the cake.