Thursday, March 8, 2012

In a Sing Songy Voice

Kailyn-"I have a poof like Snooki"!  Me turning my head quickly. "Where did you hear about her? K-"I saw her on Cake Boss" (PG) One of her favorite shows she is allowed to watch. She also learned about the fist pump in that episode. I have seen it and it was fine.

Kailyn has been trying out new hair styles. Earlier this week it was a pink hair streak with glitter. We went to snip-its to get their hair cut (Her and Sam) and I owed it to her from a LONG time ago. Nothing I am allowing on a regular basis. She apparently got a lot of compliments on her pink/glittered streak (Including teachers), which did not help with me telling her it had to be washed out.(which she did do).

She got her hair feathered like all the other girls in the school. (Not the 80's type of feathered. An actual small hot pink fake feather) But, looked a little too Cyndi Lauperish for my liking today. She was so proud of her hair style that she did all by herself (a modge podge of a back pony tail, with the feather and the front of her hair hanging down. It was tucked behind her ears so her earrings would show) and her outfit. Maybe it's the growing up and finding her own style thing that bothered me more. She did not look bad, just old!! I liked when I could lay out her adorable little dresses and tights to wear without her contesting my choice. Like she never had an opinion. ;)

On the other hand, she did ask me, "I thought Snooki was the one that was voted the sexiest woman alive?"-Haha  Oh the joys of trying to keep your tween naive. lol

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things I never thought I would do as a parent.

1. Do an emergency G-tube replacement when my 2 year old (who has Epilepsy/Autism) decides it would be fun to pull it out. She did this tonight. I managed to shove replace the new tube back into her stomach averting an ER visit and/or new surgery. Some parents apparently can't stomach this. I can stomach doing it myself way more than going into the ER for yet another visit.

2. Hear my husband say: "Well, I guess it's good that she is exploring more things". Trying to look on the bright side of the incident. He was not the one that had to frantically try and put it in. He did help hold her down and asked what we were going to do about him going to work if I had to bring her into the ER.

3. Watch my almost 10 year old excitedly get dressed at the prospect of going to the ER. She kept saying to me that I could not get the tube in. She was bummed when I managed to replace the tube because she was ready to go. I was not going to let her come anyway.

4. Have to get my child's blood drawn to check medication levels. I get to go do this tomorrow. Her little hand has started to shake. A side effect of the seizure medication. She has had more blood drawn than any 2 year old that I personally know.

5. Have grown men run around my house 2.5 hours a day, 4 days a week, to play and teach her using ABA therapy. I appreciate it and know it works, but never thought that my parenting her would not be enough to help her learn to talk.

6. Replacing a pulled out G-tube. She pulled the balloon through her stomach (ack!!)
This is not Keira, but it looks exactly like hers.
I had to push the stem through the hole into her stomach. Then, using one of the external support openings, I put 5ml of water into it to blow up the balloon. Hopefully, this next one will stay put. This was actually the second time I have done this. The first one was because it had been in for a while and it was time for it to be changed.

7. Wonder why I did not become a MD or a Nurse. I actually never ever had any thoughts of doing this. It grossed me out thinking about it. But now, I have no aversion to needles, blood, or gastric juices etc... I was adamant that I was going to be a teacher and have my degree in that. But man, I have done more than my fair share of nursing/researching and diagnosing since becoming a parent.

8. Clean up bunny poop and chase after a dog. I am not an animal lover, but the rest of my family is so I lose by default. ;)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baselines are done and ABA has officially started!

Excuse my horrible video, but she moves around A LOT! I am really just bad at videoing. She is supposed to be showing me her mouth by sticking out her tongue and she does! Her reinforcer is praise and tickles. They are working on belly too. This is one of tons and tons and tons of programs they work on with her for 10 hours a week until she turns 3. At that point she will go to the developmental preschool program.

She is also really digging the Apps on my phone and the Ipad. The Ipad is easier for her to use. There are so many programs out there for her to try. Her favorite is Shape Galaxy and Adam's Game. I am working on trying to make a "Keira's Game" so all of the people and objects are her own. After she touches three of the right objects the last object goes across the screen in various sizes, while making music.


Early Intervention is the key. We have 3.5 years to work on her talking and learning in order to get her ready for Kindergarten. Hopefully, the seizure monsters don't get in the way!! She is on Depokote and supplemental G-tube feeding and that seems to keep them at bay. We go to see yet another Epileptimologist in April to see if we can get more info on what is going on.

On a side note, I will have a Kindergartener, 5th grader and 8th grader then. (ACK!!)