Sunday, May 11, 2008


We went to the Robie family camp on China lake today. This trip was for a Birthday and Mothers Day celebration in honor of the kids Great Nana (Seth's Nana). We all had a wonderful day. Sam remembered camp from last year. He could not talk last year, yet he pointed towards the camp and said "I go dwimming". I told him it was too cold and he said, "I wear my jacket". :) The kids played with their big cousin Leon (11 years old) for 9 hours straight with a few breaks to eat and help Great Nana unwrap her presents. They absolutley adore Leon, who is almost too good to them. He did anything and everything that they wanted him to do. They played on the hammock, hide and seek, morphed their faces on Leons computer and had numerous piggy back rides. Sam said goodbye to all of his Great Aunts and Uncles and his Grandmother was just tickled that he did this. (he is typically very shy with anyone that is not in his every day life)
The first thing that Sam said when he woke up this morning was "I go camp today". I told him we would go back soon and that Grammie and Grandpa were coming home and he said, "No, I go camp a Grampa". It took a while to convince him that no matter how much he asked, cried and whined we were not going today. Thank goodness Kailyn understands that we will go back in July to stay overnight.
Above are a couple of pictures of the kids at Camp last fourth of July. The first is of them with Leon and the second is of Great Nana looking on while Leon, Kailyn and Samuel play.

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