Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Nanie!!

We went to York today. This trip served two purposes. The most important being that it is Nanie's (my mothers) birthday and secondarily I needed to get blood drawn for the Doctor. I tried to plan it so that we could get the most bang for our buck since gas is so expensive these days. Kailyn was very excited as she usually is for a birthday. She made her card by hand since there are no Nanie cards at the store. She also insisted that we either make or get a cake for Nanie. No birthday is complete (or real) if cake and the singing of Happy Birthday is involved. It was 7pm last night when she declared this and at that point I was in no shape to bake, so store bought it was.

It took extra planning on my part to make this trip successful. First Samuel had to be to school by 9am as usual. Kailyn had to be to the bus by 12:10pm. Nanie's is an hour away. So if I dropped Sam off at 9 and got on the road by 9:15 we would be at Nanies by 10:15 and have to leave at 10:50am. Not enough time to eat cake, open cards and get my blood drawn too. I asked Jock and Susan (Grandpa and Grammie) if they could take Sam at 8am and then take him to school and they agreed, so we hit the road by 8:15 am which gave us a good one hour and 40 minutes with Nanie. But FIRST, I had to feed Graham his cereal early (he just started eating cereal at my house this week), so I had Corey bring the kids early, which meant I had to get up early too.

We got to Nanies around 9:10 just as she was calling to see when we would be there. We gave her the cards, some flowers and Sang Happy Birthday. The kids were thrilled to get cake at 9:30 in the morning. What a treat!! I went to the Lab.(kidless) Yes, I left them with Nanie for her birthday! LOL Got my blood drawn and then went back to Nanie's to pack everyone up so that we could get Kailyn to the bus for 12:10. The two things I did not think through were lunch and Kailyn's snack for school. On the way back north we went through the McDonald's drive through to feed Kailyn and I got 50 cents in change so Kailyn could get a popcorn snack at school. The kids were thrilled to see Nanie as they usually are and Kyleigh actually said Bye Nanie all the way until the Wells exit until she fell asleep. She even said, "Nanie I love you", which is rare for her. You usually have to sneak the I love you out of her. We made the bus with 5 minutes to spare. Both babies started to cry when the car stopped so we got to listen to them "sing" while we waited. Kailyn happily got on to the bus and at that point our Birthday morning was officially done.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANIE!! We were very happy to see you and hope you did not have to work too long at cleaning up the destruction we left in our path. :)

Here is a picture from last years Mother's Day, Nanie's Birthday, Kailyn's birthday party.

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~H said...

Kristen, this was a wonderful way to celebrate your mom's birthday. I'm sure she enjoyed herself and I know she loved having the time with the kids too.

(I'm a friend of Nanie's)