Thursday, May 22, 2008

A field trip

We went on a field trip yesterday with Sam's class. There are 4 other boys in his class besides him. The field trip was to the farmers market and the park (playground). I talked about it almost the whole way there. I tried to explain how we were going on a field trip. He said he wanted to go on a trip with Grammie and Grandpa. Grammie and Grandpa went away on a trip this week. Sam thinks they went to camp and wants to go too. So, if there was any kind of trip he was going on the kind that led to camp. He was not getting what the words "field trip" meant so I let it go until after we got there. They had a fabulous time at the market. Went, "up up up up up up up" in the elevator as Sam said, got to look at a lot of fresh flowers and experienced their first political rally (something about taxation in the state). They had a blast playing on the playground. I got to see how Sam and his friend play. Sam basically follows him around.
So fast forward to last night. Every night when the kids get into bed I lay down with them and we talk about the day. For over a year I have been telling Sam what he did that day or prompting him on what to say that he did. He has never initiated on his own a recap of the days events until last night. He said out of the blue to me "Today I went on trip to Market a Playground, me saw berries a bananas a big kids" First of all, look at that sentence! Its huge! Second he did this umprompted and third after weeks of explaining what Today and Tomorrow mean he said it correctly. Another milestone for Sam :)


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Great job Sam! I am glad Mommy gets to go on Field Trips with her special little guy!