Thursday, May 29, 2008

Performances, Parades and Recitals OH MY!!

We have been very very busy this week. A lot of end of the year things happening with Kailyn. She was in the Gorham Memorial Day parade on Monday representing Rec Tee ball. She was thrilled to do this. Her first parade ever! Daddy walked with her. It was a long walk and after she passed us (3\4 of the way through the parade) she bowed out at Cumberland farms. She got Seth to buy her a water and candy bar for her efforts. ;) It was a LONG walk on a warm day for a 6 year old and they were at the end of the parade procession. Kailyn said "I think watching a parade is A LOT easier than being in one." After the parade we went to Aunt Jayme's and Uncle Matt's for a barbeque. We got stuck in traffic on the way down because an RV caught on fire and it started a fire in the woods. It only delayed us for an hour and we had fun at the barbeque with all the cousins.
The next day Kailyn had her dress rehearsal for her dance recital on Saturday. I enlisted Grammie to help with this so she brought her and took some pictures.
Then today Kailyn had her Musical at Narragansett School. I had asked her a few questions about it before and got no response. I wanted her to sing a few songs and she would not do that either. The Musical was wonderful and Seth and I were shocked to not only see Kailyn sing, but she had a solo. Last year in preschool she mainly would just stand there in shock that she was in front of all these people. Well, this year, not only did she sing, but she did incredible. Below is a clip of her. We are very proud parents!!! :)


AND JUST BECAUSE HE IS TOO SWEET!! :) This was taken before the parade


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Nanie said...

Kailyn I was so surprised that you sang. You have a beautiful voice. Nanie has played the video over and over again. I enjoy it so much!
Love you, Nanie
PS.Sam you are adorable too!Love,Nanie