Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

My family gave me some beautiful cards and I enjoyed sleeping in until noon. I only had a few interruptions. My day would not be normal (or complete) if I did not have at least one child screaming and crying at me bedside. While I slept, Seth and the kids ;) worked on cleaning out the garage. Kailyn (currently 6) made me a beautiful poem that she wrote and made up all on her own. It read like this:

Mome, I love you wen yor hape
I love you wen yor sad
I love you wen yor mad
But Mome I love you the most wen Im at skol

We may order something out for dinner, but I have not decided what that something may be yet. All I cared about for today was relaxation and I got that.

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