Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You can't wash the car with rocks

This is what Samuel learned today. It was a fabulous $500 lesson (the price of our deductible) that was taught early this morning.
I was in my usual morning furry of trying to get things done to start the day. This was all before Nanie got there to watch the kids (while Sam and I went on a field trip). The three other kids were in the living room playing and I let Sam go out to the garage to ride his trike on Daddy's side that was empty. Something he does on his own frequently. I check in every few minutes to make sure he is still on track.
Kyleigh decided to take a walk out there so I followed her because she is not allowed out there alone. As I look out the door Sam is scrubbing the front of my car (Yes, my new 2008 Sienna) with a wet rock and Kyleigh was picking up a rock about to do the same. I said to him "stop!, what are you doing??". He replies, "I clean the car a rock, I helpin" (with a proud look on his face) I told him he could not do that and that he broke the car now. (showed him the scratches) He looked at me sadly with his puppy dog eyes. He was crushed because he thought he was doing something to help and instead broke something. We talked about how we do not clean cars with rocks a lot today.
On a bright note Uncle Corey says that some Bam product he has seen on an infomercial works on scratches on cars. We shall see. LOL