Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyleigh!!

Today was Kyleigh's 2nd birthday party. Her official 2nd birthday is tomorrow. The kids had a blast as they usually do at parties. It was a Wow Wow Wubbzy themed party. Kyleigh's favorite show on the television right now. If she wants to watch something on tv it 99% of the time is "WOW WOW" as she calls it. We now have it DVR'd because it is usually not on when she wants it or when we have time.
Kailyn was given the duty of coming up with the games for the party by her Uncle Corey. A challenge she enthusiastically took on. She made a Wow Wow Wubbzy treasure hunt, Pin the tail on WOW WOW and find the WOW WOW game. You can't buy this stuff in the store so she made all the games by hand. We only had time for two of the games, but she was thrilled to be the party planner. Below shows the WoW WOW Wubbzy treasure hunt. Kailyn made a map they had to follow and colored a box with WOW WOW on it with the candy treasure at the end.

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Nanie said...

The party was great and Kailyn did a really good job with the Treasure Hunt. I am glad she got her Grammie Robie's talent with art. Happy Birthday Kyleigh!
Love, Mom-Nanie